What the hell is going on in CBSD?

Our school board is under attack. This is not a drill.

Remember when you could safely ignore school board meetings? Those days are gone.

The Central Bucks School District (CBSD) school board has been targeted for takeover by far-right groups. These groups are coordinated, appear to be well-funded, and are already influencing policy decisions. They’re also going to do everything they can to make it hard for busy parents to parse out fact from fiction. Why? Because if you don’t have time to pay close attention, it’s easy to think that everyone is behaving badly.

Unfortunately, our district is not the only one with a target on its back.

Why is this account anonymous?

Community members who have dared to speak out against these far-right forces have been harassed both online and in-person. No one wants to be subjected to that.

However, please know that the authors are dedicated to fact-checking everything as thoroughly as possible. Hopefully the quality of our information will be enough to prove that we are a credible source.

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